Who we are

MULCAN is an international investment company focusing on growth investment opportunities in the manufacturing, industrial and service sectors across Europe (with specific emphasis on Eastern Europe), the Middle East and in other developing countries.

MULCAN is the ideal partner for businesses seeking liquidity, growth capital or recapitalization.

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We look for

MULCAN looks for small to mid-sized companies from a wide variety of industries and sectors, that are major players in their markets; with stability and growth potential.

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Capacity to create strategic value.

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Motivated management teams.

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Creative approach to the market.

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Strong and unique brand.


MULCAN focuses on geographic locations with growth potential – such as Classic Europe, Eastern Europe and MENA.

MULCAN invests in small-mid sized companies who find themselves between the “Established” stage and the “Growth” stage with current revenues and potential to offer solid ROIC upon operational or EBITDA improvements.

MULCAN offers investments of up to $1M in each company.

MULCAN aims to invest in return for a minority holding in the company, allowing for the preservation of the current management and structure whilst injecting capital.

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Management Approach

At MULCAN, in addition to providing capital, we share with the company our combined expertise in order to support our partners and facilitate their growth while assisting them to reach their full potential.

We aim to get an in depth knowledge of each company and its management in order to be able to suggest improvements suitable to the company’s history and ethos.

We understand both the excitement and challenges facing small-mid size business and we are passionate about assisting businesses to reach their maximum potential.

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MII Mulcan International Investments GmbH
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